Dihedral-based segment identification and classification

A new structure classification scheme for biopolymers is introduced, which is solely based on mainchain dihedral angles. It is shown that by dividing a biopolymer into segments containing two central residues, a local classification can be performed. The method is referred to as DISICL, short for Dihedral-based Segment Identification and Classification. Compared to other popular secondary structure classification programs, DISICL is more detailed as it offers eighteen distinct structural classes, which may be simplified into a classification in terms of seven more general classes. It was designed with an eye to analyzing subtle structural changes as observed in molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecular systems. DISICL represents a highly useful tool in the detailed analysis of biopolymer structures. Try out DISICL by clicking on the DISICL tab above.

DISICL is discribed in the following papers:

The DISICL programs can be downloaded here.